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Why You Should Insist On Toyota Genuine Parts

Your safety, the safety of other vehicle occupants, and the future value of your car are at stake when repairs are made. Toyota Genuine Parts are the best choice for your peace of mind because:


Before assembly, all parts look similar. However, upon installation there may be a noticeable difference in the way they fit. Toyota Genuine Parts are designed to fit properly ensuring the optimum performance of your Toyota vehicle.


Toyota Genuine Parts, both those that came on the car originally, and replacement parts are designed with safety in mind.


What makes a Toyota a Toyota? It's the advanced design and sophisticated engineering that goes into each and every part and each and every system on the vehicle. All of these are working in harmony to provide a vehicle that provides exceptional performance, safety, and durability contained in a body that is functional, sleek, sporty and beautiful. It is truly a vehicle where "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."


A vehicle repaired with Toyota Genuine Parts is more likely to provide the level of safety and occupant security that Toyota built into the vehicle.

Structural Integrity:

If a symphony orchestra is to produce melodic music, all instruments must play their part correctly, precisely, in tune, and in time. Like a symphony orchestra, all components contribute to the structural integrity of the vehicle. Even items like windshields and doors help a vehicle to maintain its structural integrity in a collision or roll-over situation. Each Toyota Genuine Part is designed to perform its function to deliver the structural performance characteristics necessary to provide a vehicle that is safe, efficient, and provides the performance you expect from an Toyota.

Resale Value:

Toyota vehicles are noted for their high resale value. The use of Toyota Genuine Parts will help maintain your Toyota's value at time of trade-in or re-sale.